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World Vision Tsunami Appeal $20 Million

World Vision Australia has setup Tsunami Appeal and its having a major event at Fedration Square soon. Its getting massive number of hits from all over country, which is good, but servers are not able to handle the load. Roadhouse has developed some parts of World Vision Australia site, but not all. Internal developers have developed this Donations part. Now the task is…

Site is unable to cope with number of hits, its classic ASP application. No matter what you want to do, make the whole application collect donations. We
need to get this update in 1 hour (WVA can’t think of how to make it

This is when things get intresting, looked at the code, found some slow stuff, fixed it and deployed back in 45 minutes

Two weeks later found that World Vision had collected $20 Million donations. I felt glad. Roadhouse didn’t charge World Vision as it was for Tsunami.


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