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J2EE and .NET Comparison

Ok many people always debate on the fact

Which is better technology J2EE or .NET?

Now, there was in independent study between IBM WebSphere and Visual Studio .NET. The comparisions revealed that you can develop a software to spec in half time with Visual Studio.NET.

For building some enterprise applications, it took developers 195 man-hours with WebSphere, whereas building the same applications using Visual Studio took only 94 man-hours, Somasegar said the study said. Application server installation and configuration took 22 man-hours in the WebSphere environment and only 4 man-hours in the Microsoft environment. Handheld device programming took 16 man-hours with WebSphere and 7 man-hours with Visual Studio. Web application and Web service client programming took 69 man-hours with WebSphere and 40 man-hours with Visual Studio. Web service and Web application host programming took 59 man-hours with IBM’s environment and 44 with Microsoft’s. And systemwide development took 29 man-hours with WebSphere and 2 man-hours with Visual Studio, according to the report, Somasegar said.

Meanwhile, in terms of overall application performance, applications developed in Visual Studio .Net 2003 showed better performance than applications built with IBM’s tools, Somasegar said the study showed. Somasegar said applications built using Visual Studio .Net 2003 were able to deliver 635 transactions per second. Similar applications built using a hand-coded WebSphere implementation delivered 482 transactions per second, and applications built using WebSphere Studio Rational Rapid Developer Rational Rapid Developer delivered 365 transactions per second, Somasegar said.


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