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Got a new Job Offer at EDS

I got a new job offer today at a company called EDS as .NET Architect. I very much like current company, Roadhouse. Though its small it has done good STUFF !! When i look at project list, they have crossed more than 40. Apart from normal client projects we have developed some products. Usually i think most of customisable stuff can be developed using XML, there are few examples below.

  1. FormBuilder – DHTML XML/XSL based
  2. WorkFlow Engine – XML based again with all rules embedded in XML
  3. WorkQueue – This product has got into IT News papers and had good publicity. It manages your companies tasks, with assigning jobs to staff, tracking progress and reporting. Assembly is using it for tracking Jobs.
  4. CMS – Ahhh yeah every company has one.

One thought on “Got a new Job Offer at EDS

  1. Abi, Good luck with the new job. Hope it goes well, talk soon.
    Tony Palmer,

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