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Full text search

I recently encountered a problem using MS SQL Server FullText search. Error message was…

Full-Text Search is not enabled for the current database

I realised that i Full Text was not installed, i installed it. Then found that we have to enable it on every database we need FullTextsearch. Which i did …

Use MyDatabase
EXEC sp_fulltext_database ‘enable’

Now, i got a different error message

Full-Text Search is not installed, or a full-text component cannot be loaded.

When i ran SELECT @@Version on database, i found that my new home PC had SQL Server SP2. After running service pack 3, the error has disappeared, i was able to use full text. I am still downloading SQL Server 2000 service pack 4.

Lesson of the Day: Always bloody install service packs. But at the sametime, some service packs break functionality like .NET patch. So install it only after 1 month of its release. SQL Server Service pack 4 can be found at


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