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Visual Studio.NET Add-in FREE

I decided to create Visual Studio.NET Add-in and give it away to public for FREE. I saw some add-ins that we need to pay for. Not all add-ins are affordable and in corporates, if you want to buy them, it will take ages.

Ok concept of first add-in:
It’s all about aliases. We write similar code a million times. Say for example the <table>tag. 90% of the time i always have table tag with border=”0″ cellPadding=”0″ cellSpacing=”0″. I want to associate this with a alias, like say ‘table’, which will be replaced by the whole table tag. Eventually we might want to add million shortcuts, so i am using XML as config. Updating the XML config with file extension, alias and code should refelct in the code generation.

I shall come back later to post more on it.


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