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Today’s Mr. Stranger Email

I received an email straight into my yahoo email today. This happens once a forthnight. I usually answer people and forget about it, i think i will blog the emails, as it might help others.

"i like dotnet technology very much"
while studying .net i am very much intrested in evey dot net topic
now after completing the course i forgot every thing now even i am unable to recollect all the info regarding the past topics now what i want to do to recollect all the lost info.or i want to study for one more time why this happen i dont know exactly .
i am afraid to tell all this info to you!

give ur sugg. how to learn .net to master in that what are the steps to become the master in .net

This person is a newbie to .NET world and he has learn’t it, but lost touch with it. I think development is like Mathematics, if you don’t practice it regularly, you will loose it. How do you keep in touch with it? I once gave a suggestion regarding this on server side .net, click here to see it. I think there are few methods to learn technical stuff…

  1. Subscribe to news letters. For .NET the below are usually good…
  2. Reading questions and answers in Forums will help lot. Go to sites like,, and
  3. Blog It !If you learn anything new on a day just write it down in your blog (create a blog in sites like Read popular peoples blog. Once you get your blog, it is like a big repository of source code for you. Whenever you want a code, you will just go to your blog and retrieve it. Say for example I got to to get the code I want as I created it before. If i encounter a weird problem with my team, i will write the solution in the blog. If someone has the same problem, i can just send him the link and ask him to use it as a fix.

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