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Stranger’s Email of Today

Arief ZJ
Dear Mr. Abishek Bellamkonda,

I read your blog saying that u got an offer from EDS for .NET related
job long time ago. May I know how well software development in this
company. Bcos normally, most big company that I knew just bought a
ready-made software and just use it instead of developing new one.

Reason why I’m asking this is bcos… I am a .NET developer as well
and I’m thinking of applying a position in EDS in my country… but
I’m worry if there’s no development activities in the company. If
there aren’t, there will be no ‘exercise’ for my .NET development 😦

Looking forward for your reply.

EDS does development, i would say it is purely based on development. It is a
consulting house, like IBM. In australia it is a competitor to IBM, fujitsu
and so on. Yes they are BIG. They do purchase software, but they also
develop for clients. EDS is american company. As all bigger companies will
be both good and bad things about it. Just apply it mate, then think of
joining or not when you finally get it.

People are reading my Blog.


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