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I had my university assignments recently. One of the assignment in Advanced .NET subject was to develop a multi-threaded Application to simulate a car park. I wanted to score as much as i can, and the lecturer Andrew Cain has allocated bonus marks for the subject when someone does something intresting.

I wanted the interface to look good, i knew that using vector graphics will make UI better. Doing a quick google i came accross a Xaml. Xaml is used to define User interfaces using markup. More information on Xaml can be found at and

Marc Clifton has a website called that provided .NET libraries to produce User interfaces using Xaml. It provides a lite version and a full version. Lite was sufficent for me. The above image shows how we can develop buttons with gradients. The below image show a Clock and calculator Application that we developed as Controls using Xaml.

This site has something called Translucent forms, which will make the UI even better as shown below…

I’m think not to develop normal classic Windows Applications anymore. I want to use Xaml as much as possible.


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