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Canvas Tutorial


Canvas is a HTML element that is planned to be introduced in HTML 5. Canvas is like a blackboard where we can draw (paint) any kind of Art we want. This is currently available in FireFox, you can do the following stuff (Its similar to GDI in .NET). Canvas tutorial is available here

  1. Different types of line caps

  2. Arcs and sectors

  3. Callout symbols using quadraticCurveTo() method, we can draw lines and other shapes

  4. Drawing up nice shapes using arcs & circles.

  5. Drawing symetric shapes

  6. Coloring them

  7. Radial Gradient filling

  8. Filling regions and lines with Linear Gradients

  9. Drawing Arcs with diiferent colors & Alpha values

  10. Animate them all

  11. Using images to show like Art Gallery


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