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Invalid Cast Exception XMLElement

You wrote a class say StoredItemElement, that inherited from XmlElement class. When you open the document and try to cast the Element to StoredItemElement, you get an exception “Cannot cast ‘this.SelectSingleNode(“/WorkFlow/Messages”)’ (which has an actual type of ‘System.Xml.XmlElement’) to ‘Roadhouse.WorkFlow.Engine.Messages'”. In other words its “Specified cast is not valid” exception. Then do the following…

1. Don’t use XmlDocument, write a class, say StoredElementDocument : XmlDocument
2. Override the CreateElement method in StoredElementDocument as below..

public override XmlElement CreateElement( string prefix, string localname, string namespaceuri )

case “StoredItemElement”:
return new StoredItemElement(prefix, localname, namespaceuri, this);
// ….. Any other XmlElements
return base.CreateElement(prefix, localname, namespaceuri);

3. Use StoredElementDocument instead of XmlDocument
StoredElementDocument doc = new StoredElementDocument();
StoredItemElement element =


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