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Web based File Manager

Hmmm… this looks and works similar to Tom Ashmor’s file manager. Tom’s one looked exactly similar to Windows File Explorer, this is a bit different. I am sure i saw this logo somewhere else. They had a good controls. Does anyone know who owns this site?


3 thoughts on “Web based File Manager

  1. my friend, I couln’t find the reference to the so called web based file manager. can you please post it?

  2. Hi Abhi, I am Vijay from Hyderabad. I am creating a application which allows, Users will upload files. these files will store in different machine ( not the server which is located of Web application or IIS). Now I need help like, When user upload files, it should scan by Virus protect. and if virus found, warning message should be display on web page. Can you please help me on this issue

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