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Java Land

Its been a long time (a good few years), i had to get in touch with Java. Its pretty basic stuff we had to do. We needed to call a web service over JMS for some data (SOAP/JMS). In .net typically adding a web reference will get the method, object hierarchy, use a JMS provider. In java it seems to be a bit longer way. I am really suprised, if this is really the best way. Suprisingly Java has few libraries to use for web service calls:

  1. JAXB to convert XSD to Object hierarchy using command line.
  2. Next use SAAJ to wrap SOAP headers.
  3. Tibco’s JMS API to communicate.

My question is, do we really need to run command lines & hand code the SOAP calls in Java land? Doesn’t Eclipse have add refence like .net does? So we can quickly generate all the basic stuff we need. I understand if we needed to customise anything we can in Java, same applies with .net. It has command lines and stuff if required. Is there a better way? If not, why the long way?


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