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How to catch burglar?

Some one got into my car in November and yesterday. I have a old car its easy to get in and stole little things like little speakers & etags. How do one person protect oneself against these things? Buying a brand new merc/ferrari nor the security systems which cost upto $1,000’s is not a good option. We should be able to protect & catch burglars with few hundres dollars.

I was thinking along the lines of how about a smart camera that can fly? That can be programmed to think like human for some common senarios? It should keep watching our assets (house/car/whatever you want). Recognise the intruder, just record their actions like a fly on wall, which moves around for better view without noise & still cheap to buy/develop. Alert us, as soon as the intruder is detected. So we can ring the cops. Follow the intruder may be to his home or till battery dies, so it can pin point the location of intruder to cops. It is insane to hear that car theft is most common crime as told by the cops lady over the phone. I have seen videos where police leave cars with intentions to let someone try to steal it. Which they record the whole thing & bust them.

I told to my mates about this idea, obviously they tell me I am dreaming too much. Thinking about this i thought we need some high level components:

Desired Features

  1. Solution should cost only couple of hundred dollars
  2. Should recognise intruder
  3. Should be able to fly
  4. Should be less noisy
  5. Record the theft by going to proper locations, yet maintaining safe distance
  6. Should use less power, by may be using alternatives like get into intruders vehicle or something
  7. Should be small enough, so intruder cannot recognise it
  8. Should patrol house and car off street
  9. Should alert owner once intruder is detected – SMS or something
  10. Should record into computer in the house and may be use a temporary memory while inflight
  11. Relay video through wireless, if possible
  12. Hopefully last an hour on battery, so cops can catch the intruders

Hurdles to cross at this stage

  1. Where do you find cheap programmable CPU (8086 maybe?)
  2. Will the solution drain lot of battery even though it is small?
  3. How small can we get cameras?
  4. Why is lego soo expensive & huge? Do we have alternatives here?

One thought on “How to catch burglar?

  1. I know a mate of mine who would/might have the ability to build the hardware based on your desired feature list. He’s away on Holidays, but will email him and send him a link to this blog post.

    It’s good to see your idea captured here on the net for other netizens to see. Keep posting your thoughts 🙂

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