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Is our society really advancing?

Yeah, surely we are inventing. Yes our rate on invention is better. If we invent more, shouldn’t this make new inventions easy?  Better tools=Easier inventions? I feel we are a bit slow in past decade. I looked up and it says 90,000 patent applications were made in 1963 and 400,000 in 2009. I believe that rate of inventions is not an arithematic progression (like 1000 new ones a month). It has to be a percentage increase (10% increase a month). And because things are invented to make life easier, it should also make life easier to invent more stuff. Thus making it a percentage growth. Inflation is a percentage growth, so are house prices. What are our people doing – just enjoying the benefits of inventions? Its ok to enjoy BBQ, new gadgets and stuff. But we should invent as well. Lets look at some examples:

Space journey: First rocket to enter into space was in 1944. We (humans) have landed on moon in 1969. So if it takes 25 years to get to moon, am I expecting too much to say we should have gone to mars by 1989 (+20 years). Established a colony in mars by 2000 and more?

Computers: I think computers have done a good job till 2000, they were growing at a good percentage rate. But hardware seems to have stopped. I remember Intel making a statement in early 2000s that home PCs we will surpass 10GHz processor in few years. Damn we are in 2010 and are struck in 3Mhz and just have to buy more processors to get more speed.

Transport: We got good cars they work, how much faster are they really going? Do we have any new vehicles that do better work? How much percentage is our flight time from Melbourne to London reducing by every year? Trains, yeah they are fast Melbourne to Sydney will be 3 hours soon. I think not real progress.

I think I will try and collect evidence that support my arguments in next few weeks. I am not convienced that we are inventing enough and we need to step up.


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