Solutions at Roadhouse

I have listed the clients I have worked for, their websites and list of solutions for the client. We often developed more than a solution for a client. And a solution contains few projects (in terms of executables – Web applications, windows services) usually. Most of these solutions have front-end & back-end systems. And some scheduled maintenance tasks/windows services – SSIS/DTS, .NET Windows Services or Nightly background console applications.

Roadhouse Technologies

  1. Roadhouse Form Builder – Web 2.0 WYSIWYG formbuilder, completely interactive. The first version was lauched in 2002 (when the term Web 2.0 was not yet coined). Click for a quick demo of FormBuilder. Features include configurable types/blocks/sections/pages, various basic validations & dependency validations, reporting, submission notifications, resuable templates & simpler clickable UI.
  2. Roadhouse High Performance AppQueue – High performance Application Queue, to store & retrieve messages securely, with options of SQL Server, MSMQ, FileSystem to choose from. You can mix & match the storage types. Typically used for workflow, to recognise failures in real time, and route them through other channels for processing or reprocessing.
  3. Roadhouse Workflow Engine – Workflow engine which follows configurable workflow processes, for a message & notifies all the personnel on the path, as subscribed.
  4. Roadhouse ETL (Extract Transform Load) – Light weight ETL tool, for heavy processing. Only limitated by the databases, Filesystem, XML and webservices. It works with all databases & file formats. Which can be exposed as web service, scheduled console, watch over file folders, triggered programatically & new developer friendly.
  5. Roadhouse Indexer – A fulltext Indexer that can crawl websites, folder and/or databases to index content for fulltext searching. With various powerful configurable options, like inclusions, exclusions. Within half an hour, a whole website can be configured and ready for searching.
  6. Roadhouse WorkQueue – A product designed to follow simpler order management process, for small to medium Clients. This baby returned the investment for client in 4days.
  7. Roadhouse Mobility – Mobile quote & order tracking software.
  8. Roadhouse Web Stats – Stored & report on custom websites visits.

World Vision Australia

  1. World Vision Australia 2.0, a port to .NET framework, which addresses all the performance issues like Tsumani Appeal.
  2. World Vision Asia Pacific (APRO) multi sites
  3. World Vision IC Writer


  1. Online Ordering system
  2. WorkQueue – Workflow management system
  3. Extarnal bulk products, orders integrator
  4. RT Mobility

Workdvision NZ

  1. Developed entirely new donations system, to cater to large traffic volumes
  2. Content management, donations form builder, publishing and reporting of the donations
  3. Tasman integrator

Banyule City Council

  1. The Banyule City council website
  2. Get Set Go Guide, apparently got nominated for some award
  3. BPI secure online tender management system
  4. Community data integrator system

Lockwood (Now called Assa Abloy Australia )

  1. Armadillo (Secret project while under development due to intellectual property reasons, not secret any more)
  2. Artefact Specifier
  3. Online Pricing
  4. LHSS – Lockwood hardware system specifier
  5. BPD
  6. PM
  7. Fusion
  8. CAMS
  9. Lockweb
  10. Whitco
  11. Product database syncroniser


  1. Forum Manager
  2. Product Database

Smith & Nephew

  1. Acticoat Notice Manager


  1. Ansell Website
  2. Ansell Extranet
  3. Ansell QA Extranet
  4. Ansell Glove Data integrator
  5. Ansell eGlove


  1. Collaboration
  2. FBI Extranet
  3. SKU Version 2.0
  4. Budget Data Integrator
  5. Security camera surviliance
  6. Staff data purger


  1. Penfold Website
  2. Penfold Holden, Penfold Mazda
  3. Carline integrator

Melbourne Festival

  1. Customer management

CONFIDENTIAL Sorry, I am NOT allowed to give the information

  1. Radar Release 1, 2A & 2B. I am sorry i cannot tell you about this solution much, as I am under NDA (Non disclousure agreement). Its a solution which took 1.4years for a team size of 8.

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