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iPhone App: Quite Please

iPhone app Quiet Please screenshot 001

Issue: Sometimes Loud talkers are annoying. Ever though “Quite Please”? If so, keep reading..

We can’t tell them to keep quiet at all times (for social manners sake) or we lost patience telling them to keep quiet. Whether it be at home, work or trains/buses. It could be a conversation, argument or they just talk loud. Most of the times they don’t realise they are being loud.

Solution: Let your iPhone watch for loud talkers and tell them to keep quiet automatically. Just install the app and turn it on. It will be FREE.

* Some situations you could use it:

  1. Your partner is yelling and says they are just talking.
  2. Colleague who talks so loud on phone that everyone else can hear.
  3. Meeting room arguments where some people think loudest will win the arguments
  4. Kids are driving you nuts and you don’t have patience to tell them to keep quiet.
  5. Friends at parties
  6. Children at classroom.
  7. Let me know if you think of more in comments, please?

* How does it work exactly:

  1. iPhone detects a loud talker and tell them to keep quiet (Say Shhhh). But it they keep talking loud it will tell them differently with bit more intensity (Say “Keep quiet, I’m working here”). If they behave, its ok. Otherwise intensity will grow (Say “Shutup will ya”). Essentially it will have a list of things to say and it will play next if they miss behave.
  2. It has Manners mode (on/off). When manners is on, it will let the person finish talking and then it will tell them off.
  3. Show a loudness bar at bottom with green, yellow and red volume indicator.
  4. Has multiple modes you can use.

* What will it say:

  1. Funny voices
  2. Serious diplomatic voices
  3. Just everyday voices, what a normal person would say.

*Note: You know more situations you would use it, ways how you like voices, how it should work? Put it in comments, I will consider all your ideas and feedback.