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iPhone App: Quite Please

iPhone app Quiet Please screenshot 001

Issue: Sometimes Loud talkers are annoying. Ever though “Quite Please”? If so, keep reading..

We can’t tell them to keep quiet at all times (for social manners sake) or we lost patience telling them to keep quiet. Whether it be at home, work or trains/buses. It could be a conversation, argument or they just talk loud. Most of the times they don’t realise they are being loud.

Solution: Let your iPhone watch for loud talkers and tell them to keep quiet automatically. Just install the app and turn it on. It will be FREE.

* Some situations you could use it:

  1. Your partner is yelling and says they are just talking.
  2. Colleague who talks so loud on phone that everyone else can hear.
  3. Meeting room arguments where some people think loudest will win the arguments
  4. Kids are driving you nuts and you don’t have patience to tell them to keep quiet.
  5. Friends at parties
  6. Children at classroom.
  7. Let me know if you think of more in comments, please?

* How does it work exactly:

  1. iPhone detects a loud talker and tell them to keep quiet (Say Shhhh). But it they keep talking loud it will tell them differently with bit more intensity (Say “Keep quiet, I’m working here”). If they behave, its ok. Otherwise intensity will grow (Say “Shutup will ya”). Essentially it will have a list of things to say and it will play next if they miss behave.
  2. It has Manners mode (on/off). When manners is on, it will let the person finish talking and then it will tell them off.
  3. Show a loudness bar at bottom with green, yellow and red volume indicator.
  4. Has multiple modes you can use.

* What will it say:

  1. Funny voices
  2. Serious diplomatic voices
  3. Just everyday voices, what a normal person would say.

*Note: You know more situations you would use it, ways how you like voices, how it should work? Put it in comments, I will consider all your ideas and feedback.

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How to catch burglar?

Some one got into my car in November and yesterday. I have a old car its easy to get in and stole little things like little speakers & etags. How do one person protect oneself against these things? Buying a brand new merc/ferrari nor the security systems which cost upto $1,000’s is not a good option. We should be able to protect & catch burglars with few hundres dollars.

I was thinking along the lines of how about a smart camera that can fly? That can be programmed to think like human for some common senarios? It should keep watching our assets (house/car/whatever you want). Recognise the intruder, just record their actions like a fly on wall, which moves around for better view without noise & still cheap to buy/develop. Alert us, as soon as the intruder is detected. So we can ring the cops. Follow the intruder may be to his home or till battery dies, so it can pin point the location of intruder to cops. It is insane to hear that car theft is most common crime as told by the cops lady over the phone. I have seen videos where police leave cars with intentions to let someone try to steal it. Which they record the whole thing & bust them.

I told to my mates about this idea, obviously they tell me I am dreaming too much. Thinking about this i thought we need some high level components:

Desired Features

  1. Solution should cost only couple of hundred dollars
  2. Should recognise intruder
  3. Should be able to fly
  4. Should be less noisy
  5. Record the theft by going to proper locations, yet maintaining safe distance
  6. Should use less power, by may be using alternatives like get into intruders vehicle or something
  7. Should be small enough, so intruder cannot recognise it
  8. Should patrol house and car off street
  9. Should alert owner once intruder is detected – SMS or something
  10. Should record into computer in the house and may be use a temporary memory while inflight
  11. Relay video through wireless, if possible
  12. Hopefully last an hour on battery, so cops can catch the intruders

Hurdles to cross at this stage

  1. Where do you find cheap programmable CPU (8086 maybe?)
  2. Will the solution drain lot of battery even though it is small?
  3. How small can we get cameras?
  4. Why is lego soo expensive & huge? Do we have alternatives here?
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Best location to implement caching?

There was a question at Server Side .net about best place to implement caching at  It questions the best location to implement Caching – UI, Business or the Data Layer. This is my opnion.

I think to answer that, you need to understand the word Cache. There are lot of definitions out there. I treat its as:

Remembering the result of a frequently executed task

So the best place is the place whereever there is less change in result considering loads. So potentially you can end up implementing Caching mechanisums in multiple layers. Which i think its good and required for high demand systems, just don’t double cache (cache same task’s result in multiple layers, unless you really neeed it).

Data layer senario: if you are quering your DB frequently and the data does not change much, then it makes sense to put cache in data layer.

Business Logic Layer: If your result does not change often for requests, then this is good place.

Presentation Layer: If your UI does not change, then this is the place. There are situations where you Cache at Data/Business Layers, if the resulting data is same, but the presentation is different based on user’s preferences – Themes say like Tree View, Grid View and so on.

.net has various Caching mechanisums for various levels, see for more info

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MIT subjects online free

A while ago i noticed MIT had their subject lectures made available for download free at I started out on Natural language processing. A kid learns words, sounds, actions – so a computer must. I am going to refer the application that will analise, solve and find best answer(s) as Inventor (say code name) for now.

Word meanings must be known and core Dependant word must be associated with software meaning.

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Solution Finder

Wikipedia is big information source. It contains information about human knowledge. What if we can translate the text into Computer understandable data and use it to find solutions to current problems. I think it can solve at least 10 major problems on our planet. Say for example there are articles on wikipedia saying that hydrogen is in abundance in earth core and another article that says how to get inside earth core using say CoreDriller. When asked for alternative fuel source, the solver should be able to grab both the articles and tell user to use CoreDriller to get hydrogen and use it as alternative fuel source. Capture solar energy or reduce pollution. Invent less pollutant transport vehicle, find cures for diseases.